Type Emotion
Nicole Wei
Type Emotion is a series of three posters that displays emotion using the medium of type. The story in these posters is a sequence of feelings a person may feel at a point of their lives. The sequence begins with fear then to anger and then to sadness.
Verbal communication has been the primary source of communication for people. Through speaking, people are able to express emotion with just the use of different tones, without the need for coherent words or sentences. However, even without the use of audio cues from a person, people are able to understand emotion visually. With the use of atmosphere, movement, and, of course, text, people have a visual association with certain emotions.

The visual look of the type also builds on to the feeling and voice of the text. The use of different fronts, typefaces, and colors can associate the text with certain anthropomorphic characteristics. Bolded type may give off a tough feeling and voice while a playful type will have a more youthful one.

I want to explore how experimental type can affect be used to create a story without the consistent use of legible words.  

The outcome of thesis experimentations is to produce a series of animated AR posters that expresses my interpretation of the emotions of fear, anger, and sadness. The final poster will influence the outcome of the motion graphic animation while the motion graphic will be influenced by my interpretation of emotions through the use of type and movement.
Research Questions
  1. What emotions can be expressed visually though text/type?
  2. What is the relationship between the emotions fear, anger and sadness?
  3. How does movement and sound enhance emotions felt?
The outcome of these experimentations is to produce a series of AR motion graphic posters with my interpretation of certain emotions I want to have viewers interpret the feelings in these posters and I want them to come up with their own interpretations of my story.
Connie Hwang–Primary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Chang Sik Kim–Secondary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Yoon Chung Han–Tertiary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Process Book