Aram Mortazavi
Helping families to connect to in the metaverse.
Maintaining social connections and having a support system can help individuals adjust to the changes and challenges that come along with moving to a new place and country.

Additionally, family members can act as a source of information and social networks, helping newcomers navigate the practical challenges of life in a new country. Studies have also shown that maintaining strong family connections can have positive effects on mental health and well-being, particularly for immigrants who may be experiencing stress and trauma related to their migration experience.

Social media has become a popular tool for immigrants to connect with their friends, family, and community members both in their home country and in their new country of residence. A recent survey shows that  90% of immigrants use social media and that social media has a key role in helping new immigrants to feel more connected to their communities.

There are several ways to stay connected with families after immigrating to a new country: For instance: Social media and messaging apps like Whats App or Facebook, phone calls and video calls like Skype or Zoom, or even by sending hand written mails to the loved ones, but who has time to jump from one application to another application or even write an email? Or do you feel other person’s presence  on the phone screen?

We are here to connect families to each other by using the VR technology.
Research Questions
  1. Can technology help us to feel connected to our families if we are thousands miles away? Why do people lose touch with their family and friends after they move to a new country?
  2. Can staying connected to family and friends reduce the feeling of separation and isolation after migrating to a new country?
  3. What is the most challenging aspect of being an immigrant?
MetaFam allows users to have more immersive and interactive experience when they are contacting their families.

MetaFam allows families to participates in different activities with their loved ones.

MetaFam allows users to teleport themselves to other places like another country without spending any money on traveling.
Connie Hwang–Primary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Leily Khatibi–Secondary Advisor
XR Designer (AR/VR), Meta Reality Labs
Mehdi Roohianfard–Tertiary Advisor
User Experience Designer, Apple
Process Book