Silent Goodbye
Ying Gao
Creating an interactive experience to inform how those who lost their senses perceive the world in the form of a pentagonal coffee-table book.
Have you ever stopped to consider how your senses shape your perception of the world around you? For most of us, our senses are an integral part of our experience of the world, allowing us to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch the things around us. But what happens when we lose one or more of our senses; how does it impact our world, perceptually or emotionally?

No one ever thinks about what happens to ourselves when we lose our senses. It seems implausible, borderline impossible that such unfortunate events will occur to ourselves. The human brain is so great that it adapts and adjusts itself to whatever issue that may occur. When we do lose our senses, the location of the brain where it resides gets overtaken by the other senses—heightening them and therefore making them stronger. Adjusting the brain to rely on these new senses rather than the ever-disappearing sensation through our journey of grief.

The story of our lost senses is even comparable to losing a loved one—going through the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance. Through the journey of loss, others would not even know the beginnings of hardship of your loss. From people wearing fake eyeglasses or wearing fake ankle braces for an aesthetic—oftentimes, it may come off as uneducated because they simply do not know.
Research Questions
  1. How do we perceive the world when one of the senses are unavailable?
  2. What is the emotional journey that comes with losing your senses?
  3. How to optimally activate the five senses for full engagement?
Silent Goodbye hope to inform their readers how those who lost one of their five senses, adapt to the world by the enhancement of their other senses physically and mentally. In tells a story about loss through the five stages of grief. A pentagonal book with each side representing one of the five senses and the five stages of grief. Each with their own specialized poem to tell a guide the readers through this emotional journey.
Connie Hwang–Primary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Chang Sik Kim–Secondary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Joe Miller–Tertiary Advisor
SJSU Professor, Graphic Designer
Process Book